Our team

A team of ordinary people trying to complete the extraordinary, all whilst raising money and awareness for our chosen charities.

Atlantic Affair Team (front)
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We are Atlantic Affair, a team of four friends joined together through the love for rowing and longing for adventure. We all met through Maidenhead Rowing Club and instantly became good friends. With a combined 18 years of competitive rowing experience, we were all looking for a new type of challenge, so when one of us threw the idea in the air – “let’s row the Atlantic” – there were no hesitations.


Atlantic Affair Ben


Why and wherefore: Ben has dreamed of rowing the Atlantic ever since meeting another team set to take part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. A chance meeting on the pontoon of Maidenhead Rowing Club made this a reality.

Relevant experience: Ben learned to row at Windsor Boys School when he was 14 and now continues to row at Maidenhead Rowing Club. During the 2012 London Olympics he took part in the Olympic torch relay.

Looking forward to: Starry nights and seeing his family at the finish.

Dreading: The bucket.

Says: << No regrets. >>


Atlantic Affair Julia


Why and wherefore: Julia is seeking an adventure of a lifetime that will test her mental and physical limits, as well as quench her thirst for a deeper connection with our oceans that are the foundation of life on Earth. She is hoping to be the first Polish woman to complete the crossing.

Relevant experience: Julia loves all things outdoors. She picked up rowing during her graduate studies at University of Warwick and it has formed a big part of her life since.

Looking forward to: Jumping into the open ocean with no horizon in sight.

Dreading: Sea sickness.

Says: << Let's do it! >>




Why and wherefore: Tash is looking for a life changing experience that will allow her to say 'I did that'. Taking part in the challenge presents her with the perfect opportunity to do something that few people have the chance to attempt.

Relevant experience: Tash learned to row at Maidenhead Rowing Club in 2015 and has been an active member ever since. She is currently the captain of the Senior Women's squad.

Looking forward to: The sunrises and sunsets. Seeing a clear night sky and star gaze.

Dreading: Lack of sleep.

Says: << Yes you can! >>


Atlantic Affair Henry


Why and wherefore: Henry's fondness for adventure and the ocean made the Talisker Whisky Challenge a perfect fit. It is too easy to exist rather than live and this challenge should be his antidote for just that.

Relevant experience: Henry learned to row at Maidenhead Rowing Club in 2019 and his interest quickly grew into a passion. He is currently the captain of the Senior Men's squad. He is often described by others as either mad, crazy or both.

Looking forward to: The marine life, night skies and a strong trade wind!

Dreading: Constant dampness.

Says: << Smile and wave. >>